Conference Agenda

Wednesday 17th January 2018, Church House Westminster, London SW1P 3NZ

09:30 Plenary session

Chair, Phil Gibson, Avoca Associates, previously Chair of Innopsis

David Corbett, NHS Wi-Fi Programme Director, NHS Digital

Donna Braisby, NHS Wi-Fi Programme Manager, NHS Digital

Matt O'Donovan, Chief Executive Officer, WiFi SPARK
More than just WiFi
Matt will tell the story of the evolution of WiFi in the NHS and the role that WiFi SPARK played in the innovation and development leading to improvements in the NHS

Following a refreshment break the day continues with a series of work sessions:

10:55 The future of NHS WiFi - NHS Digital mandate and beyond
Tracy will briefly outline the requirements for the NHS Digital mandate and highlight the key elements that NHS staff need to be aware of when implementing their WiFi solution.

Tracy will then offer her insight into NHS WiFi and describe how the Trusts can evolve their WiFi solution to deliver the ultimate experience for their patients, staff and guests. From integration with existing services like wayfinding, patient check-in and meal ordering, to facilitating better communications between the Trust and the patients and a peek at SPARK Media -the ultimate in patient entertainment- Tracy will explode preconceptions of NHS WiFi and open a whole new world of digital inclusion and patient experience.

Dean Moody, Chief Commercial Officer, WiFi SPARK
Claire Bradley, Marketing Manager, WiFi SPARK

11:20 A Daisy WiFi customer story - Cardiff & Vale University Health Board
Gareth discusses how Cardiff & Vale University Health Board's WiFi is powering patient care at Cardiff & Vale. From electronic patient records to being part of the Connected Santa initiative - WiFi is making a tangible difference to the patient experience.

Gareth Bulpin, Technical Development Network and Support Manager, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

11:45 WiFi - what will it really change for the NHS?
At O2 our fast and easy WiFi is delivered with no charge to end users, which works perfectly in the NHS environment, and our clients talk to us regularly about public access WiFi, clinician WiFi, or a mixture of the two. But what will pervasive WiFi really change for the NHS?

Paul will talk about some of the additional services that we see as being particularly relevant in the NHS setting:

- Making a success of EPR implementations
- Improving patient flow to enhance A&E performance
- Tracking assets, staff and patients
- Simple procurement routes

Paul Maddox, Client Director - Healthcare, O2

12:10 The Connected Patient: Making things a little bit better
We'll talk about some of our views on how and why wi-fi can make a difference to your patients. We understand we're not offering life-saving procedures or treatments but we like think that wi-fi is a comfort to patients. It allows them to continue to stay connected to their family, friends and the outside world, which is so important throughout the patient journey.

We'll share some of our ideas of BT Wi-Fi can help you support patients and what we think is important to you and your patients. We'll be there for you and them 24-7-365, we can keep them safe with Wi-Fi Protect, our content filtering solution and Secure Wi-Fi using Passpoint/Hotspot 2.0. We want to help make your patients' experience as undisrupted as possible and support them being able to run their life in hospital over our wi-fi.

Alison Thomson, Senior Account Manager, BT Wi-Fi

12:35 Lunch and networking

13:20 Plenary Two
Hear how South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust have delivered their Cloud adoption strategy and their day to day Digital Services.

Stuart MacLellan, Head of Digital Services Operations, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

13:40 Designing and deploying WiFi solutions in the NHS - a case study
We will talk about our experience in designing and deploying Wi-Fi Solutions into a variety of sectors and environments, including the NHS. With support of our case study with West London Mental Health NHS Trust, we will discuss how we can improve your infrastructure to meet the growing demands of your organisation.

Andy Carter, Engineering Manager, telent

14:05 Creating a connected space for health
In this session we will demonstrate how to establish a 'connected space' with your patients which provides access to a range of services, enabling them to take greater control of their health needs. We will explore the challenges WiFi is looking to address, how to avoid the barriers to adoption, and how to give your employees secure access from anywhere - and on any device.

Keith Smith, Business Development Manager, Virgin Media Business
Tom Worley, Head of WiFi, Virgin Media Business

14:55 Don't stop at compliance
The expected outcomes of delivering NHS-wide guest WiFi have been clearly defined however, they don't fully present the potential benefits beyond the network. The NHS loses around £750 million a year on missed appointments, and your new infrastructure will become a key component for addressing this.

Mark Hall, Chief Assurance Officer, Redcentric
Bill Williams, Sales Director - America, Purple

15:20 The security air gap: opening the door to digital transformation
At Capita, we view security as an enabler, not a barrier: with the right strategy, security can open the door to digital transformation. The opportunities for the NHS from WiFi are huge. From at-the-bedside care through to asset tracking and management, the potential to drive efficiencies whilst improving care are both numerous and transformational. Yet for many Trusts, protecting patient data and confidentiality is paramount, and concern around security risks is inhibiting innovation. This session will look at the security air gap and explore the way different Trusts are already meeting the challenge.

Adrian Baker, Security, Collaboration and Networking Practice Director, Capita

15:45 Q&A with expert panel and prize draw

16:05 Conference close

Speakers, sessions and times may be subject to change